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Serendipity Retreat Lefkas
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Serendipity Retreat 
“A beautiful venue, stunning views and great company. Fantastic food with amazing dishes. We laughed and giggled, we swam and sunbathed, a few well chosen trips and a little evening merriment. But best of all I left there feeling fabulous.  Two weeks later using the tools I’ve been given I still feel fabulous.
My life style has changed forever, I can’t thank you enough. So much so I’m coming back in October to show you how much of a difference you have made.”   Jane




 Testimonials Plus Recommendations via LinkedIn 

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Left Quote Thanks to you, I have my life back!  Since seeing you it's as if I've been given a new body and my mind and soul are at peace with no cares in the world!!  Deciding to come and see you is the best decision I have ever made, no doctor or shrink could have achieved such results as you and your system in such a short space of time!  On the physical side, the bladder issue literally disappeared whilst having the treatment and I am no longer continuously thirsty and most important of call, no more loo visits during the course of the night!  My hormones are behaving too!  As for my back, my body felt revitalised and little by little I started to feel my bacvk issues melting away and I no longer wake-ip in the morning feeling like a cripple. Thank you!Right Quote S. Richards, Marlborough

Left Quote My son Jerod 12 years old has had eczema since more or less birth, he has it all over his legs and torso he scratches till it bleeds,I have often had to soak bed sheets and clothes off him from the dried blood. I have tried a huge range of cream's, lotions, bath additives all to no avail! Nothing has ever made a difference. Coupled with this he also suffers from hay fever, as soon as its sunny or warm he starts sneezing and snuffling all day! 
All this has now changed since he received the SRT treatments from you.  His skin is about 80% better!   I have never seen improvement like this before, it's nothing short of amazing. The scabs and sores are healing and going, he's calmer as he's not constantly scratching and sore! The sneezing has stopped! No sneezing no snuffling! This is the first summer we have to look forward to! No more having to wear long shorts to hide the sores and crying if he goes in the sea, no more huge doses of piriton to get through the day! I  cannot recommend this treatment highly enough, thank you for helping me and Jerod  Right Quote  Christine Lilley

Left Quote  I've been Gailed!!!!  Gail, all I can say is thankyou. The results speak for themselves, 3 stones lost and I'm feeling great. If anyone is serious about making a change to their health for the better, I would whole heartedly recommend Gail in a heart beat. Just got to buy a whole new wardrobe now.  Right Quote Jason Stickley

Left Quote  In just over 7 weeks I have lost almost 2 stone and feel a million dollars - Thanks to Gail I am breathing better, have more energy and sleeping better - so is my wife now my snoring has stopped too! 1 more stone to go. Thanks Gail! Right Quote Ant Hodges

Left QuoteThank you again for everything you've taught me, a real life changer for all those miserable women out there where people say you are greedy or it's lack of discipline and where you've had a lifetime of failing to lose weight and keep it off. I shall always be indebted to you.Right Quote Sarah Olney

Left Quote You are inspirational Gail.  Your advice has been invaluable and I already feel better and have lost weight just from adjusting what I am eating and drinking.  I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  Your expertise and patience with my questions has been SO appreciated.  Everyone should see you!! Right Quote Amanada Richards, Young at Heart.

Left Quote I have to say I feel so much better on the new health eating regime!  Amazing the difference not grazing makes and my energy is so much better! Thank you!Right Quote C Robotham, Tetbury.

Left Quote To offer due praise to Gail. I have an arthritic gout problem in my knee. When I saw Gail it was so bad I had to take tiny steps to walk very short distances and had the greatest of difficulty straightening my leg. For me this was the worst as I have worked out, played tennis and squash and spent much time fell walking most of my adult life; as an alternative to sitting in front of a computer all day. Gail did her examination and put me on a food plan which enabled me recently to play a small game of touch rugby with my grandson ! Today, for the early part of the seminar I could walk normally, so I have nothing but praise for Gail and her methods.Right Quote  Dr. Ian Palmer, Bradford upon Avon

Left Quote What an impressive and comprehensive health and diet assessment!  I am implementing the dietary changes and feeling the health benefits just 2 days on.  Brilliant!  Thanks Gail.Right Quote  David Lossl, Frome.

Left Quote It might be too early to say this but I'm feeling much, much, much better than this time last week!! Two people have already commented on how clear my skin is today!  Delighted and can't wait to see you again!Right Quote B. Babey, Devizes.

Left Quote I had a Health MOT with Gail a few weeks back which has certainly made a difference to how and when I eat certain foods! Gail did a full analysis of what my body was doing internally and based on this made some really helpful suggestions.  I would recommend Gail to anyone!Right Quote Rich Jones, Personal Trainer, Swindon 

Left Quote I am delighted with today's health assessment results and after only three visits! It is great to actually see how your body has improved.  Thank you for making it happen and for your time and encouragement.Right Quote Kevin Woolnough, Tri-Athlete, Wiltshire

Left Quote The new food plan has had a huge impact on my bowel health.  IBS no more! I am very grateful for what it has done for me Right Quote J Reese, Berkshire

Left Quote A truly amazing health measuring system which tells your body what it does and does not require.  My very grateful thanks for all your help, patience and support in balancing my blood sugars.  It's very much appreciated.Right Quote Vicky Evans

Left Quote  After completing MY personalised plan I am delighted to say I have lost 19 lbs of fat! My ultimate goal was to lose a stone and re-educate my eating habits, and my relationship with food. I can honestly say I found the plan easy and straight forward to follow. Gail provided all the information and support I needed in order to succeed, and exceed my expectations. I can honestly say my overall health and wellbeing have greatly improved, and during the whole time I never had to reach for any prescription allergy medication, which usually is a daily occurrence. I can fully recommend and praise Gail for her support and professionalism throughout the whole process.
I lost around a stone and a half but that is only half the story as the inch loss from all over my body was astounding. I had previously seen my nutritionist, Gail for a few sessions to ensure my body was working properly, as a previous drastic diet regime (xenical) had left me in pretty bad shape – I was glad I invested this time and money before starting my personalised weight loss plan as it is best to be functioning correctly to attain best results.  Gail encouraged me every step of the way, she also had good advice for when plateaus and problems arose. I can’t honestly say that my plan was easy at first but it does become a breeze once you are in the swing of it. Be prepared for a shock and a new wardrobe! Right Quote E Scott, Bath.

Left Quote  Having spent a life time struggling with weight, a new 'diet' every January, I am now toned, slim, a totally different shape and the weight remains off!! I think about food completely differently! Life changing! Thank you.Right Quote A.T. Wiltshire.

Left Quote  I've completed Gail's personalised plan twice now and found it tricky the first time, but the second time was VERY straight-forward, Il lost nearly a stone each time which was amazing really and it's given me my confidence back. I was feeling like an alien in my body when I started and now I've got my old figure back.".   I've recommended it to friends who have already tried it with good results.Right Quote  C.M. London

Left QuoteHaving struggled for several months and getting nowhere with my teenage daughter's health with allergies, a friend suggested we have a Health MOT.  Despite not knowing what it was (!) as it was non-invasive, we were willing to try.  After only one visit, my daughter was a different person and I have done nothing but recommend it to all since!  Thank you.Right Quote  Michelle Nash, Reflexologist

Left Quote"Implementing the new diet changes relatively successfully.  I never before realised that I suffer from allergies and bloating!!  Amazing health system.  I feel brighter, have more energy, more determined, my eyes aren't so dry and my arthritic joints whilst still painful are much more mobile. I am really excited about how good I could begin to feel so thanks so much for that. .Right Quote Katherine Brooke, Colonic Therapist 

Left Quote I can't go any other way because I have really seen results - this technology really helpsRight Quote  Maggie Wymer

Left QuoteThe overall feeling of my family, now that we've had our testing is incredible.  We have answers now, we're seeing results, we're happier and we're healthier.  I feel that now we can be a normal family.Right Quote Linda Hoff

You really can feel 100%!  Call Gail Lummis on +44 7949 232565 for a chat.



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