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“A beautiful venue, stunning views and great company. Fantastic food with amazing dishes. We laughed and giggled, we swam and sunbathed, a few well chosen trips and a little evening merriment. But best of all I left there feeling fabulous.  Two weeks later using the tools I’ve been given I still feel fabulous.
My life style has changed forever, I can’t thank you enough. So much so I’m coming back in October to show you how much of a difference you have made.”   Jane




Sunday, September 30 2012

Allergies to die for?!

Diary of Joanne Gardner – Severe Allergy Client
I am a healthy, active 35 year old woman and mum to four children from 11 years to 8 months. As a child I suffered no allergies or related asthma conditions. At 23 I fell pregnant with my first daughter. My pregnancy was healthy throughout resulting in a healthy term baby. In the 4th month of pregnancy I did however develop allergies to our household cats and asthma. This continued to be a problem as the pregnancy progressed resulting in me being hospitalised for allergies which induced asthma on a number of occasions. Following the birth, my symptoms remained and have stayed with me until June of this year when I seen Gail. I had to regularly take prescription meds for my allergies, the over counter types do not even touch my symptoms. My reactions were most sensitive to animals of any type (trips to the zoo are certainly a NO for me!) to problems with cosmetic products from soaps to make up, nickel in costume jewellery or belts, watches etc., or anything that comes in contact with my skin.  Household dust, even opening and emptying a vacuum bag can leave me feeling quite poorly.  Gail was recommended and offered a course of testing to look behind and treat my body once we identified the “stressors” and below is my story:

Result at September 2012
Following the treatment I can honestly say the daily allergy problems that I’ve constantly been prone to for 11 years have gone. I may have the odd time during the day I feel slightly congested, but it soon clears without any medical intervention at all. I've recently been on holiday to Turkey and being on a plane for 4 hours would previously been a nightmare with the air conditioning and close proximity to others, however I was fine. Usually I would need allergy meds and additional eye drops to travel, this time it wasn't the case. I can honestly say the improvement in my conditions has been phenomenal, and the proof is shown by the fact i haven't needed a repeat prescription for my meds to date.
To follow is a short diary covering the 3 week period of consultation, concluding up to present day.
20th June 2012: First session today lasted 1 hour. Gail described this scan as a ‘general, subtle scan of over 100 points in the body and external ‘stressors’ at a multi tincture’.  I felt fine directly after. As the hours passed I felt very thirsty, took plenty of fluids and just listened to my body. By bedtime, I had developed a continuous steam of mucus from my nose and no matter how many times I blew my nose nothing seemed to stop it.
21st June 2012:  Awoke this morning with the need to empty my bowels (lots!) however this soon corrected as day progressed. I still had a constant runny nose and mucus chest.  I can’t believe where it’s all coming from?! Just trying to tell myself to weather the storm and drink lots of water as Gail suggested.
23rd June 2012: Session 2 lasted just over 1 hour. Gail described this scan as more specific (full body and external stressors again at 1X).  I left feeling fine, as the day progressed started to feel drained and lethargic. No thirst, however I have kept my water intake to a maximum to pre-empt this and settled to bed with a slight head ache.
24th June 2012: OH MY GOODNESS!! I woke this morning to the world’s worst headache. Spent the entire day in bed, eyes closed with no appetite whatsoever. My chest is still full of mucus which just keeps coming. This is similar feeling to flu if you've been unlucky enough to experience it. Drank as much water as I can manage and slept a lot as  the day merged into night...hopefully feel brighter tomorrow.
25th June 2012: I don't feel nauseous today just a pain in my head... my body is certainly telling me something's happening. My nose continues to run and empty but I haven't reached for any pain relief or allergy meds, I am determined to see it through. Spoke to Gail who confirmed that sometimes the body can go through a short-term detox while clearing and this should only last 24-48 hours maximum.
26th June 2012: Awoke today feeling so much brighter almost like coming out of a fog and able to eat and drink fine. Nose has stopped running constantly, just slight intermittent discharge
27th June 2012: Session 3. Just under hour and the scan tested antigens and food senstivities. I am slightly concerned how I am going to be left feeling after the last time!  I felt fine with no headache, no thirst, sickness or nausea. I have listened to my body being aware and waiting for signs of change or effect, nothing! The constant stream of mucus never returned and thankful to say neither did the headache. Over the entire time I never took any meds of any kind.

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