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Sunday, July 01 2012

Adrenal Stress

Feeling fatigued or always tired? Moody or depressed? Hormonal or skin problems? Putting on weight? Immune system low and you catch every bug going?  Sounds like you could be suffering from Adrenal Stress.  Your adrenals are walnut-sized glands at the top of your kidneys whose primary role is to help you survive any threat by increasing the production of adrenaline or cortisol.  Healthy adrenals immediately increase your heart rate and blood pressure releasing energy stores for instant use while shutting down secondary functions such as digestion to sharpen your senses.  Your adrenals respond to every kind of stress be it environmental, food based, physical, emotional, or a combination.

Being over-worked, lack of sleep, eating poorly by skipping meals or relying on stimulants such as coffee or carbohydrates, over-exercising or emotional worrying all keep the adrenals on 'high'.  When your adrenals remain permanently switched on, irrespective of the cause, you can overextend your adrenals and develop symptoms such as fatigue, depression, thyroid imbalance, homone and skin problems, weight gain and ultimately lower your immune system and become more sensitive to environmental stressors.  Healthy stress occasionally is good for you, however, stress is not meant to be on-going or last for very long!

Simple changes can be made to support your adrenals. Enrich your nutrition by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce refined (white) carbohydrates and stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol. Nutritional supplements can help, especially magnesium and B vitamins which are naturally found in green leafy vegetables, seeds, nuts, and wholegrains. Do not self prescribe supplements and ensure you can absorb what you are taking!

Put yourself at the top of your To Do list!!  Take more time for yourself, exercise in moderation and get more sleep - your body has to recover!!

If stress is an issue for you or someone you know, suggest a Health & Nutrition MOT on the NANO SRT (Stress Reduction Therapy) which will not only identify what stressors are affecting your body organs, but confirm how you should bring the equilibrium back!  Change life for the better!
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