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Serendipity Retreat 
“A beautiful venue, stunning views and great company. Fantastic food with amazing dishes. We laughed and giggled, we swam and sunbathed, a few well chosen trips and a little evening merriment. But best of all I left there feeling fabulous.  Two weeks later using the tools I’ve been given I still feel fabulous.
My life style has changed forever, I can’t thank you enough. So much so I’m coming back in October to show you how much of a difference you have made.”   Jane




Wednesday, February 29 2012
March signifies that Spring is just around the corner with buds on trees and crocus heads popping up.  It is also known for a time to Spring Clean and getting rid of the old.  The Chinese support Liver Cleanses during Spring, detoxification and weight loss (only the Western world would suggest it during the Winter!).  In the recent largest ever UK health survey (by the Institute of Optimum Nutrition and of 37,000 people, 84% reported that they felt "tired all the time" and 70% wanted to lose weight - are you one of these statistics?  

Do you know how easy it is to feel 100% all of the time, full of energy and with your weight balanced? For good!
I would urge you to take a fresh look at your health and well-being and not put up with symptoms due to a multitude of excuses (I know we lead busy lives, I do too!)  You don't have to carry excess weight, suffer with IBS (a general term used way too much these days!) or feel exhausted.  I know, I made the change too and that's the reason I help others and do what I do for a living!

My story surprises some people as they look at me now (nearing 50 years young), vibrant, healthy and slim; but if I was to tell you that I was obese, had a knotted colon (not just twisted) and fertility issues all due to a poor lifestyle - it puts life into perspective.  I know what it's like to be 'unable' to lose weight, to continually suffer with 'IBS' and to feel shattered most of time.  It's a lifestyle choice and one that I can help you change.  A recent client comment says it all:

Left QuoteThank you again for everything you've taught me, a real life changer for all those miserable women out there where people say you are greedy or it's lack of discipline and where you've had a lifetime of failing to lose weight and keep it off. I shall always be indebted to you.Right Quote 

Be the person you deserve to be and Spring into Life!  

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