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Tuesday, October 01 2013

LETTUCE WRAPS:  You may think that a giant leaf of lettuce may never be as satisfying as a baguette, but it is a healthy, wheat and gluten free way to eliminate the bread from you lunch and surprisingly filling!

Use any large-leaf lettuce, such as romaine, as use in the same way as you would a wheat wrap to go around sandwich fillings, such as egg, hummus, stir-fry veg, tofu, meat, fish, chicken or tuna salad, or other dairy free cheese.  The bonus here is that you can eat more fillings (even two wraps) because of the low glycaemic savings from bread.
RICE OR QUINOA SALADS:  Brown basmati rice and quinoa are tasty and quick to cook.  Simply toss it with chopped herbs, lemon or lime, vegetables, goat’s cheese, canned beans or pulses and vinaigrette dressing for a substantial salad.  For a sweet touch, mix in some diced apples (toss them with lemon juice to prevent browning) or pears, seeds or dried fruit, such as cranberries, golden raisins or chopped apricots.
WHEAT FREE RICE TORTILLA’S OR SPELT WRAP: Stuff with fillings of your choice; when making dinner, think about lunch. What can be eaten as leftovers? Make a little extra and fill a rice tortilla or spelt (note spelt is not gluten free) wrap.
‘PASTA’ OR NOODLE SALAD:  Try gluten free buckwheat pasta or Shirataki miracle noodles (low carbohydrate and gluten free as made from a soluble fibre called Glucomannan) and only takes minutes to cook.  Add tossed vegetables and your selection of protein.
SWEET POTATOES:  Quick and delicious “baked” sweet potatoes can be topped with chopped steamed vegetables (dinner leftovers are particularly good for this), canned beans or pulses, dairy alternative, chopped chicken, tuna, chilli or curry.  Cut into wedges or make chips, ‘spray’ with olive oil and bake.  Sliced thinly and they make great crisps!
EGGS:   Make a vegetable-packed fritatta (Big omelette) the night before and cut it into slices. Quiche like version is easy with 3-4 eggs and a tub of quark or cottage cheese mix together with ‘filling’ and bake.  These travel and reheat easily, and can be filling (especially when bulked with vegetables and topped with a bit of dairy free cheese).   Hard-boiled eggs also travel well and are filling. Eat them with a side of chopped vegetables and a bit of hummus or other spread for dipping.
SOUPS:   A soup or stew jammed with vegetables, beans and pulses will leave you plenty satisfied, and you’ll never miss the bread you otherwise might have added.  This is another good chance to use leftovers. A litre of vegetable or chicken broth and a pile of leftovers (everything from meat scraps to left over veg) magically become a money-saving lunch with a bit of simmering. 
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