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Monday, April 02 2012
April signifies Easter Bunnies full of energy hopping around an of course, chocolate!! 

Poor energy, metabolism and obesity are linked to processed, nutrient dense ‘white’ foods loaded with gluten which seriously affect blood sugar and insulin adding fat to the body.  The commonest gluten grain that people have a problem with is wheat.  Wheat today may still have the same name, but it is almost unrecognizable from the wheat
 of our ancestors - thick and fat - and is an addictive appetite stimulant!!  

Spelt is ‘old’ wheat, how the Romans used to make bread, and has 15-20% more protein is much easier to digest than wheat protein, albeit does contain gluten.
Some people stumble through life thinking they are clumsy when really gluten 
is to blame; prior to gut symptoms, neurological symptoms may be less obvious.  Gluten damage may cause everything from unexplained attention issues ADD / ADHD, depression, and dizziness to numbness in the hands and feet. Additionally chronic inflammatory and degenerative conditions are prevalent to wheat gluten grain-consuming populations. 

There are many alternative grains which you can use for baking and either buy or make; simply by grinding to a powder.  Ground Flax, (flaxmeal), quinoa, coconut, hemp, buckwheat, amaranth, rice, millet and green split pea to name just a few!  Additionally, there are several gluten free substitutes readily available in local supermarkets albeit some of the best alternative breads are available on line at 

Be the person you deserve to be and boost your Energy by going 'gluten-free'!  It's so much easier than you think and you will never look back or miss the things you think you'll miss!! 

Fancy some chocolate for Easter?   
Raw chocolate is in a class of its own, highly beneficial and loaded with magnesium, amino acids and antioxidants!  Eat after meals!
Check this link out:  
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