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Wednesday, October 31 2012

Hormones running rife?!

There are two hormones which play a huge role in your well-being, energy, weight and work with all the other hormones.  The hormones Insulin and Leptin work in tandem and play a key role in regulating energy intake as well as energy expenditure and together are two of the most important hormones in your body that will determine both your health and how long you live! Insulin and leptin resistance are associated with hormone imbalance, obesity and many degenerative diseases. Most people have heard of insulin and relate it to diabetes; leptin is less well-known.

Leptin is a powerful hormone produced by your fat cells and the ideal way to correct any imbalance is through your food intake.  Your fat, by way of leptin, signals to your brain whether you should be hungry, eat and make more fat or along with controlling insulin, whether to work on repair and maintenance of your body.  When working properly, a surge in leptin will tell your brain that you are full and to stop storing fat and instead, burn it off.  Eating foods high in sugar, processed, or mainly grains will increase inflammation in your body and as the sugar (which grains and processed foods are broken down into) gets metabolised your fat cells release surges  in leptin - if this happens too much your body can become resistant to leptin.  
A food plan which includes good essential fats and avoids blood sugar spikes will enhance insulin and leptin sensitivity as well as balance your metabolism.

Stress also plays a huge roll in the orchestra of hormones because when you are stressed or consume stimulants such as coffee, a hormone called cortisol is released and one of the hormones that balances cortisol is insulin... beginning to see the picture?!  The easiest way I describe the metabolism to clients is to imagine it as a fire - if you put paper on a fire, it will burn quickly (paper = sugar, processed foods, grains, stimulants like coffee and tea and alcohol); if you put logs on a fire, it burns slowly (logs = protein and vegetables). Ideally you should only fuel your fire a maximum of three times per day!  Also remember that your body cleanses, re-balances metabolism (both hormones and fat) when you sleep so if you do not get enough sleep, you will cause the above negative picture.

How are your hormones? Book a Health MOT and take the guesswork away - it's like a health questionnaire for your body that will not lie!! Additionally, it can help your body cope with any imbalances highlighted.  Vouchers available as Christmas Gifts!  Call today  01249 818758
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